1/11.- Welcome to Lyon, France!!!

Welcome to Lyon, France's second largest city! Although this used to be considered a gray and dull city, tourists are beginning to discover the many treasuries this city hides.

I visited Lyon in March of 2004. I was invited by the French company WinSoft to attend an Adobe distributors conference. So, I had a 4 days chance to see all the beauties of Lyon.

You will see some of the marvels foreign tourists have been missing for decades. I am sure you will wonder why this city does not receive more attention in international travel guides when you finish this virtual tour. The beauty of some spots surprised me, and I am sure they will surprise you as well.

It must be very difficult to draw the foreign attention when you have to share the same space with one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris. Although Lyon is much smaller, and there are not so many world famous landmarks, the city definitely deserves a visit. Especially if you like modern art. Lyon, one of the oldest cities in France, is always looking forward. Its Modern Art Museum, its new fashion Malls, its modern architecture, its night clubs... Everything modern seems to be fashionable in Lyon.

One of the things that I most liked of this city, is that it has the right size. With 1.5 million inhabitants the city has everything you need, but without the overcrowding of bigger metropolis.

In the photo you can see one of the symbols of Lyon: the painted walls. The one in the photo is one of the most beautiful walls in Lyon, but there are more than 150 painted walls throughout Lyon. => Let's go

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