9/11.- Credit Lyonnais HQ, tramways

In the heart of the Part Dieu district sits this mall, one of the biggest in Europe. In this shopping center you will find all kind of shops: from clothes to records. It seams there is nothing you cannot buy here! Do not miss the FNAC shops. FNAC is a French Bookshop chain, similar to the American B&N's.

Behind the mall you can see the tower of the 'Credit Lyonnais'. One of the most powerful financial institutions in Europe, and a symbol of Lyon's economic power.

In the third photo you can see a couple of beautiful tramways. These ultra modern tramways are really comfortable! Public transportation in Lyon is excellent. Lyon has an underground network -- 'the metro', that operates from 5 am to midnight--, several tramways lines, two funiculars and a reliable bus network --from 5 am to 9 pm. You can buy a single ticket -valid for one hour- or a one day ticket. I recommend the one day ticket, for the price of three single tickets you can travel 24 hours. A great deal! => next












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