10/11.- Safia and Cathy

Safia Bourouma and Cathy stayed in our company during the afternoons and evenings we spent in Lyon. Safia is from Oran (Argelia) and sometimes we speak in Spanish..

The first evening, after WinSoft welcomed us in hotel Lyon Metropole, we went with Safia, Cathy, Caroline, Yossi, Delphine and some of the distributors to one of the "bouchons".

Next evening, WinSoft organized a touristic tour through the Vieux Lyon when we visited Saint Jean Church, explored "traboules" secret passages and took a cable car and paid a visit to Fourvière Basilica.

After that rainy tour, WinSoft took us to a night cruise on the Lyon rivers. We had a dinner at the boat and a special quiz about French wines...

The third night we had a dinner at the "Le Caro de Lyon". On the menu there was:

Homemade marinated salmon with spices, beet salad with horse radish and water cress emulsion; Fillet of dorade with mixed vegetable flavoured of coriander, broth herbs butter; and the cake of chocolat. => next












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