2/11.- The Center of Old Lima

One of the places that were left in my memories is Plaza San Martin with Jirón de la Unión, the pedestrian street that runs between Plaza San Martin and Plaza de Armas.

Plaza San Martin is the second biggest and more famous square in Lima. It is located in the historical center of the city. Backthen, I used to take a micro from the place where we were living (San Borja Sur) and drive for hours through the streets of San Borja and Victoria (which is not the safest part of Lima), arriving finally to the street of Abancay. There, I would get off. Hundreds of ambulantes were selling all kind of things, and I was most interested in comics, magazines, old coins, spiders and butterflies in glass boxes...

Passing Parque Universitario, and two blocks more, I was entering Plaza San Martin. I was always admiring that huge space with several shops, two cinemas and Hotel Bolivar. In the center of the plaza, there is offcourse the monument to San Martin.









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Then ... and now



Parque Universitario de av. Abancay, Plaza San Martin, Jiron de la Union before.

and now..










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