1/11.- La Herradura

I spent four years of my childhood in Peru. From 1974-1976 I had been living in Piura, 1050 km north of Lima and from 1979-1981 in Lima. I left Peru on 5 of July of 1981. After 25 years, finally all the conditions were met to go back! Another reason to return now: 25th aniversary of the graduation-one week of different activities and events organized by my ex classmates and by the college Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Lima.

I came to Lima on 14 of April of 2006. In the night hours, the airplain approached Lima, flying above millions of city lights. We descended at aeropuerto Jorge Chavez at 10 P.M. Neven Berber picked me up at the airport and took me to his family house in Barranco.

Next day, my first wish was to see La Herradura, the Lima's beach where I spent almost the entire summer of 1980. I couldn't believe what I saw! Here is the story:

For all those who enjoyed hot sands and refreshing waves of La Herradura this must be a nightmare. Beginning 1990s, sideparts of the southern hill were dinamited in order to build a road which would connect Chorrillos with La Chira. The result? Six hundreds tons of rocks fell into the sea which changed the direction of the sea stream and decreased the hight of the waves. This provoked that the sedimentation of the sand changed its rout from south to north and sand stayed south. The waves pushed the rocks to the beach and now, after one decade, the sea consumed a large part of the beach.   

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Then ... and now


The beach of La Herradura in 1980.


and La Herradura now:




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