2/11.- Hotel Lilia and the beach 

After I decided I will go to the Bulgarian seaside this summer, I talked to everybody who I knew went to Bulgaria in previous years. So, I chose the most well know agency Kon Tiki, the best hotel they were offering and I decided to go by plane (travelling by car could last forever, just to cross the border takes 5-6 hours).

The flight from Belgrade to Varna took 1 hour 10 minutes. The bus was waiting and we departed for Golden Sands. Driving by the seaside, we passed through the center of Varna and then, to the north, by some of the resorts: St. Konstantin, Riviera, Hotel Sunny Day and after 20 minutes we arrived to Golden Sands.

Hotel Lilia is located at the northern part of Golden Sands strand. The beach is just across the street.

The second and third photos are the "view" from the hotel stairs. Behind the two restaurants (Mexican and traditional) from the second photo there is a pool with mineral water (with the coctail bar in the middle) and then comes the beach.

The meals in the Mexican restaurant were delicious. I tried several of the salads they were offering, but my favourite was the one with the white fish (served with maize, green salad, etc). Also, the bean soup was very convincing (beans, chopped pepper, chopped green chilies, garlic powder, etc). In the evening, two Mexican "gemelos" played latin music.=> next

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