Cocktail at Chocco's House


Tuesday, the day I will see my classmates and some of the best friends I had, after 25 years.

The time to go to the cocktail party was getting close and oddly enough I was not that nervious. It seemed like if I was going to just another party, but of course it wasn't like that.

I agreed with Jessica that she picks me up and that we go together to the cocktail. I was really anxious to see her after so much time. It came out that she has the same energy and the same beauty as in old school days!



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Everybody's together - 25 years after


Jessica Puch, Perla Leon Velarde (Teke), Erika Noeth, Guiliana Garcia, mozo, Monica Ubillus and Walter Salazar Teke, Erika, Luis Cavero (Petucho), Alberto Maldonado, Ana Blanco, Monica, Jessica, Danka. Upper row: Jaime Cahuas, Janet, Ruben, Walter Danka Sambrailo, Janet Raygada, Jessica, Juan Alarcon, Erika and me.
Juan and Ana Erika, Jessica, Teke, Ruben, Janet and Marissa Palomino Nenad Mijatovic, Ruben Arizabal and Juan Alarcon
Monica Ubillus and Eloy Cabrera Eduardo Rivadeneyra, Juan and Ana Blanco What a nice couple: Erika and me

Henry Herold and Erika Noeth

Jorge Jo (third from the left), Susana Rodriguez (Polla) left from Danka, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Mario Cavallero  and all the mentioned

Isabell Roncalla, Janet, Terrie, Jessica, Monica, Ana, Teke, Erika, Marissa and Octavia Pereyra







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